The "REDFINER" module enhances, through comminution and selection, the "poor" scrap coming from separate collection, WEEE, small appliances, valves, casings, internal combustion engines from end-of-life vehicles, cans, spray cans, electric motors, transformers , stators, window frames, packaging scraps, meatballs……
The "REDFINER" was designed and built with the aim of putting the material to be recycled in the best conditions to be separated and released.
The solution to limit the waste of natural resources is to recycle more and better.
Recycling more means recovering the greatest possible number of resources from "post-consumer scrap", expanding the amount of recycled and recyclables.
Better recycling means collecting, dividing and separating better, it means working on the performance of treatment plants to obtain products that are ever closer to the raw material and from which high quality raw materials can be obtained.
In-depth studies and research by Sander, Schubert and Kirchner of the Freiberg Technical University have developed a theory to define how best to separate and recover the metal components from the whole scrap coming from the waste of the crushing plants, from the collection scrap and in particular from the of consumption.
The "REDFINER" is the result of the application and development of these studies.
The "REDFINER" is equipped with the most advanced technologies, designed to effectively and efficiently refine and separate a vast variety of scrap metal and production waste.
The internal geometries of the box, the grids and the hammers have been suitably studied and designed, optimising the parameters that influence the crushing phases, to obtain a strong comminution such as to allow not only the breaking of the connection joints but also the release of the components, for complete separation downstream of the refiner.  
A new, innovative and profitable way of recovering raw materials from "waste"
A machine that fits easily into the reality of a scrap yard and guarantees a supply of high quality raw materials.
The refined metal is separated, cleaned, compacted, uniform and with high density.

"REDFINER" D45 D46 D56
Rotor external diameter mm 1200 1200 1300
Rotor lenght mm 1400 1600 1600
Rotor weight kg 7500 9000 10500
Hammers weight kg 50 50 55
Electric motor up to Kw 355 355 450
Output t/h <16 <20 <25
  • FIRST UNIT: conveyor belt or drawer feeding 
  • MID UNIT: feeding hopper 
  • BOTTOM UNIT: extractor with vibrating plate 
  • END UNIT: magnetic drum "SINGLE DRUM" 
  • Electronic control and power system 
  • "TS" teleassistance