The BRAVO 'redripper', with horizontally counter-rotating shafts, is used upstream of hammer mills in scrap mills, to coarsely and homogeneously crush mixed scrap, bulky scrap and E.L.V.
It is in particular used to rip bales of E.L.V., light and collected scrap, to facilitate feeding and make uniform the subsequent ripping operation at the mill.
BRAVO: is equipped with an original OVERSTROKE 'OSD' swinging inclined base (patented), which increases productivity, facilitates the gripping of particularly bulky materials and avoids floating scrap at the entrance to the ripping zone.
BRAVO is an indispensable technology in shredding and sorting plants for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal because:

  • Eliminates the cause of explosions in the shredding chamber
  • Reduces and optimises the energy consumption of the grinding process
  • Avoids absorption peaks by letting the mill 'digest' pre-crushed and homogenously sized material
  • Significantly increases the service life of wear plates, grids and hammers
  • Enables smaller mills to process more material efficiently with an even flow of scrap, by pre-shredding E.L.V. as they are or in bales.
Rotor external diameter mm 1200 1350 1600 1800
Counter rotating shaft 2 2 2 2
Low speed rotor r/1' 2 3 3 4
High speed rotor r/1' 8 12 12 16
Main motors Kw 510 760 950 1000
FLAP motor Kw 55 55 55 55
Output t/h <40 <80 <100 <120
Maximum bale density t/m³ 0,8 0,8 0,8 0,8
Total weight t 60 90 100 120
  • Hagglunds hydraulic motors
  • Overhead power supply "OSD" OVERSTROKE
  • Remote control
  • Steel work platform
  • Operating programmes that adapt to the type of scrap