The "REDMILL" module, a horizontal axis hammers mill with side loading system, has been designed and built to enhance, through grinding and selection, the "poor" scrap from E.L.V, light scrap, WEEE, large home appliances …
The justified demand for reclaimed scrap from the presence of pollutants makes necessary to have a grinding and selection system which, in terms of size, operating space, personnel employed, installed power, production and management costs, fits easily into the scrap yard and guarantees supply of high quality raw materials.
"REDMILL", machines that adapt to the times, equipped with a sturdy support frame.

"REDMILL" X66 X67 X77
Rotor external diameter mm 1500 1500 1650
Rotor lenght mm 1700 2000 2000
Rotor weight kg 14000 16500 20000
Hammers weight kg 70 70 80
Electric motor up to Kw 560 560 710
Output t/h <30 <35 <40
  • FIRST UNIT: conveyor belt or drawer feeding 
  • MID UNIT: feeding hopper 
  • BOTTOM UNIT: extractor with vibrating plate 
  • END UNIT: magnetic drum "SINGLE DRUM" 
  • Electronic control and power system 
  • "TS" teleassistance