Recently, there has been a lot of talk about technology innovations 4.0.
But what is meant by Industry 4.0? The term Industry 4.0 denotes a trend in industrial automation that integrates certain new production technologies to improve working conditions and increase the productivity and quality of plants.
Taurus balers and shears have adapted to the demands of the market and it’s consumers and invests daily in research into state-of-the-art automation systems.
It is no a case that new operations have been introduced recently: : remote control, touch screen and remote diagnostics. The remote control functions are directly programmed and configured according to the customer's needs: cutting simulation, cutting length, 3 compressions (medium-low and high), pre-compression, wing closure, etc... allowing the user to operate the machine in auto mode. The remote control can cut labour costs, as the machine could be controlled by the feeding crane operator.
The touch screen or control panel allows maintenance to be scheduled reducing downtime. In addition, you can intervene to program the working parameters. The control system constantly monitors and optimises the compression and shearing process. Programs can be selected at the touch of a button to set the cutting stroke, partial cut, relative cycle, pre-compression, which gives you cycle time reduction for each grade of material. Our remote diagnostics allows the after-sales team to detect any faults reported by the machine allowing us to intervene promptly and remotely manage the setting of parameters and functions.
New electronic procedures are being added imminently, so stay tuned!