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The TAURUS REDLINE “FAF” refiner is a new, patented, technologically advanced module which, even in combination with a hydraulically controlled “alligator shear”, facilitates and enhances the manual operations of disassembly and recovery of assembled parts containing metals, which would otherwise be lost or underestimated. The “FAF” has been designed and built to recover, separate and valorise collected scrap in a quick, profitable and safe way. The “FAF” is designed to process WEEE, small household appliances, valves, crankcases, parts of combustion engines and gearboxes, dishes, solenoids, carburettors, radiators..., separating ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Finally, a professional for recycling professionals, that is safe, high quality with reliability and has a high productivity/price ratio. The refiner is equipped with the original “fly-feeder” rotating loading system that allows to feed the refining chamber in a continuous and safe way (patented) and is mounted on a robust anti-vibration frame. Installation does not require foundations making it easy to handle and easy to reposition.

Suitable for processing (scrap type)

Cans - spray cans - electric motor stators - small electric motor- small converters - small household appliances - small office appliances - small office appliances - computer and electronic boards - engine parts and aluminium crankcases, etc...


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Included in the supply


Other option on request


FIRST -UNIT: conveyor belt feeding

The material to be processed is transported to the grinding chamber via a conveyor belt

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MID-UNIT: hopper for conveyor belt

A hopper has been designed between the conveyor belt and the grinding chamber to facilitate the feeding of the mill

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Electric motor

The electric motor can be equipped, on request, with soundproofing system

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BOTTOM-UNIT: vibrating plate

The End Unit is characterized by a vibrating plate that transports and evenly distributes the shredded output material.

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