Recently there has been a lot of talk about industry 4.0. But what does it actually mean? The term Industry 4.0 describes an evolutionary trend in industrial automation that incorporates new production technologies which improve working conditions, increase productivity and the overall production quality capabilities of automated manufacturing factories. Taurus have adapted their shear balers to market requirements and consumer demands by continuously investing in state-of-the-art automated manufacturing systems. It is no coincidence that over the last few months Taurus has introduced new operating functionality improvements to the radio control unit, touch screen and the RSS Remote Service System.
The remote control functions are programmed and configured according to customer needs with the following settings all possible remotely: shearing simulation, cutting length setting, multiple compression setting modes (high, medium or low level) and remote pre-compression functionality. The operator now needs only to turn on the shear baler after which he can work remotely from the cab of the material handler. Preset programs mean that many functions such as pre compression, compression and cutting cycles now work autonomously from the operator. Labor costs can be reduced by 50% as there is no need for an independent shear operator.
The touch screen or control panel allows you to schedule maintenance stops in a timely manner to reduce down time. Although there are many preset programs the operator can intervene at any time to fine tune the working parameters for optimal performance. The control panel constantly monitors and optimizes the compression and cutting process for higher production rates. Taurus´s many years of hands on experience with our customers has allowed us to preset different automated programs depending on the type of material being processed. Individual programs such as shear stroke setting, partial cut rate, pre-compression setting, relative and actual cycle timing can all be selected simply by pressing a button.
Finally, the Remote Service System (RSS) allows the after sales office to detect any abnormalities reported by the shear, which means they can intervene in a timely and effective manner to reduce down time. In most cases there is no need for a Taurus technician to travel to the customers yard. Special customer requests, fine tuning or program upgrades are now all done remotely.
At Taurus, industry 4.0 integration is only the start. New electrical and automated features are under development so stay tuned.
Taurus, always a step ahead!