A concentration of technology and experience, strength and speed, robustness and simplicity of construction, reliability and safety. “RAPID” shears&balers are synonymous with production, low consumption, high performance. “RAPID” shears&balers are designed for heavy duty work, for those who demand quality, clean and high density scrap metal. Machines adapt to HEAVY-DUTY, suitable to shear  particular consistency scrap (demolition, production scraps, stamping and rolling trimmings, pantographed sheet metal scraps, reinforced concrete rod, rails…).

“RAPID” comes in two different configurations, “H” and “S” type.

The “S” type supported by two indipendent frames integrated and connected; one part supporting the shear and the compression box, the other part the engines and the hydraulic system. The machine includes a cover in tubular structure to protect the shear head and covers to protect the cylinders of the lids. The hydraulic system is covered and protected by a platform mounted longitudinally to the machine above the feeding cylinder, complete with cabin, ladder and handrails. “RAPID” does not need foundations. They are the evolution of the well-established and tested “swinging wing” compression system.


"RAPID" Rs117 Rs127 Rs137
Cutting force tons 1100 1200 1300
Clamp tons 280 280 280
Bale dimension mm 1000x700 1000x700 1000x700
Open box width mm 2900 2900 2900
Box length mm 7200 7200 7200
Cylinders per wing n 3 3 3
Max. compression force (each wing) tons 450 450 450
Main cylinder compression force tons 150 150 150
Main electric power kw 2x200 2x200 2x200
Diesel engine hp 560 560 560
Indicative weight tons 190 210 210


... since 1964, years of experience!

The original TAURUS "swinging wing"  compression system with OVERSTROKE on both  wings (patented)


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