This transportable baler (loading-unloading) of the new “KEFJ” line, is composed of a single monolithic body and is equipped with 4 lifting cylinders to allow the load onto transport vehicles. The maximum lifting height is 1100 mm. It is suitable for the production of bulky scrap, light scrap, collecting scrap, E.L.V., aluminium sheet, windows and doors, zinc scrap... The “KEFJ” baler operates resting on the ground and is quick and easy to position and run. It is suitable for users who need to move frequently or use it to rent it to third parties. The machines have a 5 or 6 meters long box and have 2 cylinders per cover, the longitudinal compression cylinder is retractable to reduce the overall dimensions during transport. The scope supply includes the remote control. The compression box adopts the original TAURUS “SWINGING WING” system with OVERSTROKE on BOTH WINGS SBxc (patented).

The system is defined by a flat base for sliding the scrap, longitudinally and laterally the base are hinged to the two lids. The floor of the compression box as well as the internal surfaces of the lids are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel.


"KEFJ" K52J K62J
Open box width mm 5000 6100
Box length mm 2400 2400
Closed box size mm 900x600 900x600
Cylinders per wing n 2 2
Max compression force (each wing) tons 300 300
Main compression force tons 200 200
Electric power kw 110 110
Diesel engine hp 180 180
Lifting Jacks n. 4 4


... since 1964, years of experience!

The original TAURUS "swinging wing" compression system with OVERSTROKE (patented)


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