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The new series TAURUS BLULINE “ML” mobile baler consists of a single monolithic piece. The “ML” baler is a medium size machine equipped with the original TAURUS BLULINE compression box. The compression system is defined by a base for sliding the scrap, longitudinally and laterally to the base are hinged the two oscillating lids. The compression box as well as the inner and outer surfaces of the lids are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel. The “ML” mobile baler version is composed of a single monolithic self-supporting structure, fixed on the chassis of a three-axle semi-trailer. On one side of the structure, longitudinally and solidly to the compression box, develops a platform, shaped like the neck of the semi-trailer, on which are mounted the diesel engine, the tank, the electrical and hydraulic systems necessary for the autonomous operation of the machine. The load-bearing structure is equipped with 2 rear cylinders to guarantee stability and alignment to the ground, as well as allowing work to be carried out by unloading the weight of the platform onto the two supporting cylinders. The baler has a 6-metre long internal box, 2 cylinders per cover, double longitudinal compression cylinder. The opposed longitudinal compression cylinders allow, among other things, to balance the distribution of loads on the semi-trailer. The “ML” mobile baler is suitable for users who need to travel frequently or use it to rent it to third parties.

Suitable for processing (scrap type)

E.L.V. - light scrap - white scrap - collected scrap - mixed scrap


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