With increasing health and safety concerns, what better way to improve your hammer mill or frag safety and efficiency, than to install a Taurus Bravo Pre-shredder before your main shredder.
Without a pre shredding process, inevitably partially filled or empty car petrol tanks, gas tanks and LPG or BBQ gas tanks can enter the shredder chamber. As the mill hammers tear into these tanks and release the gas or vapour, an explosion is more than likely going to occur. These explosions can be severe, causing damage to nearby buildings as well as being a major health and safety risk for the mill operator and other personnel.
By pre-shredding the material in a low speed shredder, using teeth rather than hammers, you can almost entirely remove any explosion risk. Any petrol or gas tanks will be torn open at low speed and the potential explosive mix will harmlessly dissipate before reaching the hammer mill.
The Bravo, hydraulic twin shaft “mill-feeder” is the perfect solution to create a more homogeneous mill feed for shredders. Explosion risks from LPG, CNG and car fuel tanks are virtually eliminated and the production rate of the main shredder is significantly increased. Electrical power peaks are smoothed out, plus wear and tear on the main shredder is reduced.
Bravo: Advantages
• Makes light work of bales and scrap cars
• No risk of explosions from gas and petrol tanks
• Increased efficiency as a more homogeneous sized scrap sent to the main mill
• Less wear and tear of the main shredder
• Lower maintenance costs due to the higher productive life of castings
• Allows smaller shredder operators to easily process bulky and dense material such as bales, that otherwise could only be processed by larger, more expensive machines.