The TAURUS series inclined shears with an open box and continuous feed system are perfect for shearing high-density voluminous mixed scrap, collected scrap and especially bulky and oversized demolition scrap.
Inclined shears are less expensive than shears which use a compression chamber as they are lighter, require fewer moving parts, less machining, less assembly time, use a simpler hydraulics system with fewer cylinders and of course there is no need for a separate compression box… Although less expensive they certainly don’t lack anything when it comes to quality or, most importantly, productivity output.
Today, Taurus inclined shears are designed and manufactured to perfectly meet the new specifications and requirements demanded by the operators of electric arc furnaces. Electric arc furnaces require that the processed scrap completely comply with precise supply conditions set down by legislators and the steel mills. Taurus inclined shears process scrap in such a way that they easily reach these high quality standards as well as the atmospheric emissions requirements during the melting phase. Slag reduction requirements are met while simultaneously lowering production costs by producing a cleaner feed stock more efficiently than other machines on the market.

Inclined shears are designed and built in a way that resists the complex and high stresses placed on them during the compression and shearing of scrap metal.

All Taurus Black line incline shears are built in from quality certified steel sheet metal combined with high strength wear-resistant Hardox steel in areas where it is most needed.

The submerged arc welding used throughout the production process creates consistent and uniform welding seams which have a much higher resistance to fatigue stress than more traditional forms of welding.

All components which make up the inclined shears are mechanically machined on high precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) centres. The use of CNC machines guarantees a precise coupling of key components and removes the need for subsequent post assembly adjustments which in turn ensures the correct and easy interchangeability of replacement parts.

The main advantage of inclined shears is that they cut production costs due to their great versatility. Inclined shears can process virtually any type of scrap from profiles and sheet steel to voluminous mixed scrap, heavy demolition and especially oversized or extra-long scrap.

Inclined shears use an open box continuous feeding systems where as conventional shears utilise a pre compression box to store and compress the scrap before shearing. The advantages of an open box system compared to the compression box system are:

• The length of scrap to be processed is not restricted by the length of the compression box, even very long and bulky material can be easily processed.
• A simpler design means less moving parts and lower maintenance costs.
• Lower operator costs. As the shear works autonomously and automatically there is no need for an independent operator. This means big savings on personnel costs.
• Small footprint. No compacting box and an angled feeding chamber means a compact design with little yard space required.
• Fast continuous operation. No delays due to the time taken to feed and compact scrap when using a shear with a compacting chamber. The loading chamber of the incline shear can be fed continuously which means that the shear is cutting scrap 100% of the time.